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How Skyjet Screwed Us

It’s two weeks to my sister’s wedding in Batanes. Like most weddings in that northern tip of the Philippines, it’s meant to be an intimate affair, with just the closest family and friends. More than the wedding preps, we spent the last 11 months on travel preparations–negotiating deals with hotels in Basco, arranging tours, attending travel expos in Manila, doing whatever we can to ease the cost for our guests. Our biggest concerns — until three days ago — were final gown fittings, table setting and what extra desserts to bring. Everything was easy breezy.

And then Skyjet, that “boutique leisure airline” peddling “a better way to fly” decided NOT to fly to Basco this month. No warnings, no advisories, no explanations. My sister’s wedding is on January 27, and 21 of our 55 guests are flying Skyjet on January 26-28/30. They paid for their tickets as early as September last year, and yet, as of January 6, they had no flights.

If we’re going to be glass-is-half-full here, then I suppose we should be thankful that we got the shocking news more than 24 hours before the flight, which is usually when the very ill-served airline passengers in the Philippines are advised of any changes in schedule. We are thankful that my sister, the bride, had called the owner of Bernardo’s Hotel in Basco to arrange a pre-wedding dinner for guests — it was from Bernardo’s that we learned Skyjet won’t be flying to Batanes this month. I called BCTA, the travel agency owned by the Skyjet COO, and they confirmed that there will indeed be no flights due to aircraft maintenance.

“The whole month?!” I screamed.

She said yes, that was the memo. I asked what Skyjet plans to do with those who already hold tickets, and the woman on the other line gave me two numbers to call about that. Fine. I rang both numbers: nobody was picking up at 5543333, and the other number, Skyjet’s airport office, confirmed that they will stop flying after Jan. 9. “Aircraft technical evaluation,” this other employee said. Again, she had no clue what to do with us.

I know that in the midst of all the war and strife going on in this world, losing your flight is practically a non-problem. If it had been any other travel plans, I’d agree with that. But this is my youngest sister’s wedding — it means the world to two people. And we, their families, have worked hard to make it as stress-free and beautiful for them. Skyjet cannot possibly know what it took the couple to get here, how everyone pitched in leading to the sacred moment, how guests have been saving to be able to come to Batanes. Skyjet does not understand its responsibility to its clients. An airline who treats you the way Skyjet does, does not care about your personal reasons or needs or goals. They fly when they want to, they hide when they don’t.

To date, Skyjet owes us PHP 198,732 (roughly USD 4,500) in refund. The crisis manager, Ian Barron  (09157400478) has not picked up even once in the gazillion times I called him. My other sister has been calling Skyjet offices but she’s being passed around. When she asked for Skyjet’s new address in Makati, so we could go there and demand action, the customer service officer refused to tell her. It was only with the threat of reporting Skyjet to the Department of Trade and Industry that we got what we needed. This beyond-lousy handling by Skyjet of a damage it has caused has turned us into people with nasty words and little patience — something we’re normally not. It has made us lose faith in yet another institution.

Only three months ago, I was at the office of Skyjet COO Joel Mendoza, whom I interviewed with a classmate for a PR audit report we needed for my MA class. He was a jovial guy. Sounded sincere enough, undeniably passionate. He was big about “not just selling seats, but experiences.” We bought into that. We asked him about how Skyjet deals with the fact that its Facebook page is littered with complaints on cancellations, poor customer service and refunds taking forever. There was also that maiden Taiwan-Boracay flight that got cancelled hours after the passengers have boarded, and then the jet that overshot the runway and ended up on the beach in Balesin. He said they had hired a crisis manager and set up a call center to handle these things.

I never thought we would soon be among those who would rage at Skyjet on their social media accounts. I called, texted and emailed Joel the moment we confirmed the cancellations. He ignored the texts and calls but replied to my email. He referred me to a Capt. Ted Fojas, who never responded. Earlier today, I got an email from a certain Leo Gimena of Skyjet (cc:,, saying that our refund was being processed. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or curse. What a load of BS! They do not even know the names of our guests or our booking references! When I pointed that out, Mr. Gimena  ( finally thought to ask for our booking reference numbers. He hasn’t gotten back to us since. This is like the Skyjet customer service representative who took my sister’s call for another case last year — we had to bug Skyjet to issue tickets because it’s been two months since we paid for them (which should have rung alarm bells already) — and not knowing what to say, the Skyjet employee told my sister she would call us back. She did not get my sister’s number.

We’re not luxury travelers — the market Skyjet aims for — but we’re no fools, and it makes us angry to be treated that way. We’re decent people, and for the record, we know how to travel. The Passengers’ Bill of Rights  does nothing much for us at this point. Sure, we’re entitled to a refund, but who’s going to be accountable for this major hassle we’re going through? Will Skyjet be compelled to shoulder the difference between the Skyjet airfare we got and the PAL airfare we need to pay for? That’s easily some PHP 30,000 (USD 667) When will we get our almost PHP 200,000 refund? How many more times do we need to call, text, email, leave scathing comments on Twitter and Facebook before Skyjet acts?

If this is the experience Skyjet is selling, then I’d rather have those annoying in-flight games and cup noodles in an airline with no legroom. Isaksak nyo sa baga nyo yang champagne (na sparkling juice lang naman) at yang Cafe France muffin!


  1. miming muning says

    wow!!! i didn’t know na may mga grabehan na gantong story sa skyjet!!! magbbook na sana ko ng manila to caticlan for our staycation this coming November. when i told it to my husband he said “skyjet? di ba un ung laging cancelled flight?? try checking pal or ceb pack muna”
    and o my gosh i bumped in to this page and thankyou thankyou for sharing your story! i could imagine the horror you’ve been through. then i also remember when we went to batanes last 2014 (we fly with PAL that time) may mga nakasabay din kami group of elderly naman i think rotary or lions club sila and they’ve shared na their flight was delayed for almost 12 hours ata! imagine yung iba dun sa mga senior may mga maintenance na and mga hindi pwede magutom mastress then nasa airport sila ng ganun katagal just waiting if may plane ba or what!(O.O) if hindi pa nagdemand yung isang member nila na i think wife of a congressman or governor hindi pa sila makakaalis ng hapon! kala ko worst na un! but reading stories above may mas worst pa!!! gosh! ang iniisip ko pa naman since ang image nila is more of luxury and comfort ganun ung service nila. omy. i dont think ill ever book this plane. i dont want to take chances to ruin our future vacay! wahahay!

  2. Jhenlo says

    Wow. So ganito pala tlga si skyjet. I need help po to complaint against skyjet..Its my first time to book flight kay skyjet at ngayon cancelled ang flight namen ng family ko (4 adults and 3 kids) Caticlan to Manila flight M8 184, prior to our flight we emailed them kung my changes ba sa flight para alam namen ang gagawin kc we heard sa news na my bad weather. Hnd sila nag reply hanggang sa nakapag check in kmi then ayon na nag announce sila ng delays from 11am naging 1pm hanggang mga around 2pm nag cancel sila. Lumapit kami sa counter ng skyjet we asked for assistance and sinabi nila na refund and rebook lang. So people were asking if we will rebook for tomorrow what is the available time ang sagot samen august 16 pa pwede irebook ang flight (so ano magaantay kami ng 1 week dito sa boracay???) And ang refund sa manila pa makukuha. Wala silang ibang sinasabi kundi rebook and refund thats it. And kung magbook daw kami s ibang airline kami ang sasagot sa expenses.(just wow!!!) alam ba ni skyjet kung gaano kamahal ang fare. Nag suggest kami saknila na sila ang maghanap ng airline para sa mga passengers nila para makalipad pabalik ng manila. And they just answered us repeatedly na refund and rebook lang. (mga leche hnd nila iniisip na ang laking impact ang ginawa nila tapos eto lang makukuha namen saknila)

    Pls help me po i need advise papaano ko sila irereklamo.

    • Hi Jhen. Unfortunately, Skyjet has been under new ownership since last year and the person who facilitated our refund is no longer there as well. I can only suggest you get in touch with CAAP if you want to file a complaint. Make everything official.

  3. Karen Tolentino says

    Oh no!! Kalurkei pala itong airline na to. Try ko nalang PAL if I go to Batanes on December! Wah.

  4. i was told that they have resumed flights to basco but UNDER A NEW MANAGEMENT? what will happen to our refunds now which i have been following up for several months now?


  6. I hope your sister’s wedding still went well. And you guys are such heroes for helping her with everything and now with this. Gosh. I can’t imagine this happening to me, I think iiyak na lang talaga ako. I hope you don’t mind if I share this on my blog and Facebook. It seems to me people should not be flying with Skyjet anymore.

    • Hi! Thankfully, the weather and wedding were awesome. Our guests made it — at the end of the day, that’s what mattered most. But yes, please feel free to share. Such hassles are unnecessary and undeserved.

  7. Alu Urbano says

    I want to file a complaint too!! We’re expecting a refund from them for our canceled flight last December 22. We’re 11 in the group and SkyJet ruined our Christmas Vacation. The manager Ian Barron said he would forward the Refund request to their accounting department but we haven’t heard from them again. How do you file a complaint with CAB?

    • Hi! Just go to the CAB website. They have an online form you need to fill up for complaints. They just got back to us )after three weeks yata) with an email saying they’re waiting for Skyjet’s comment. But we got our refund na from Skyjet. Kulang pa though, and we’re waiting for them to pay the fare difference with PAL. You have to keep bugging them.

  8. dominique says

    Shucks. Nagbook ako Batanes last week of February ngayon lang. Tapos ngayon ko lang ‘to nabasa. Paano ‘yan :(( In operation pa ba sila? parang scam. nakakatakot

  9. Edward C.Naldo says

    Naalala ko nung nag announce ang SKYJet last December na tatanggap na sila ulit ng bookings.Nag post ako ng comment sa isang kababayan ko na natutuwa sa pagbabalik nila.Eto ang Post ko.”Ayan tatanggap na naman sila ng bookings,sana hindi na maulit yung paulit ulit nilang pag book tapos walang flight.”
    Ayan nangyari nanaman.Pang apat na beses na yan a!

  10. Edward C.Naldo says

    Paulit ulit na lang tong nagyayari a,bakit wala pang action.Ma swertena lang ako,12 times akong bumyahe sa PAL.Last year Papunta at pabalik ng Batanes,Hindi ko na experience to.

  11. angel says

    File a complaint and follow up all the time. The same experience happened to me and my family, only we didn’t know that our flight last year was cancelled until we reached the airport and the security guard told us so. I too called and called their office for a month but I cannot get a hold on anyone so I did what had to be done and emailed DTI. They then referred me to CAB. It also took me months to get a response but once they did contact me already, all I had to do then is to keep on following up on my complaint. Only last December did I receive an answer from Skyjet, imagine after a whole year of waiting!!! Anyway, so their Lawyer contacted mine and finally offered a settlement. Since I do not want to drag it any further, I let my lawyer do the negotiating and settlement. Up to now, I’m still waiting for their payment but they did promise to pay the actual damages, the attourney’s fee and a very small amount for moral damages. My mistake is that since I really want this hell of an experience to end already, I agreed on the very small amount they offered. My advice to you since your case is a lot more crucial than mine, it’s a wedding after all and mine’s just a vacation, hire a good lawyer and whatever you demand as attourney’s fee and moral damages, stick to it and let them pay. They deserve to pay! Actually they deserve more than paying, their company should be under probation so that if they screw up again, they should not be given a license to operate anymore. I hope CAB, DOT and DTI sanctions Skyjet because of all the trouble they are causing to their customers. This is bad for our country’s tourism.

    • Skyjet gave us the refund na and said they’re processing the payment of the fare difference that we also demanded. There’s another wedding pala that was hit by Skyjet’s cancellation of flights to Basco. I really hope CAB, DTI and DOT ground this airline for good.

      • how long did they process the refund, ms. blanche? kasi ako since october pa yung request ko and leo told me by march or they’ll try within feb and release

      • Hi Judy! It took us about two weeks to get the refund. But kulang pa sila ng P6,000+ and the fare difference with the PAL tickets we got for those who were bumped off. That one, medyo malaki, almost 40k pa siguro. Leo said middle of Feb. so this week I’ll follow up again. You should keep bugging them. Ang tagal na nung sayo, October pa. It’s true that they are under new management. Si Dino Chua na yung in charge and his guys. Flood their social media pages with complaints. Sila yung hindi sumasagot sakin. Joel Mendoza at least gave me the courtesy of a reply.

      • agie says

        Hi. Just want to ask . What actions did you do to get your refund from skyjet?
        Skyjet cancelled our batanes flight last january 2015. Till now they dont give back my money.

      • Hi Agie. We wrote an email and then called their office several times, and then filed a complaint online sa CAB website. We also posted complaints on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They gave us partial refund; they still owe us some 42k. Just keep pestering them.

      • agie says

        Hi ms. Blanche. Almost everyday i called their call center office 863 1333. Im asking for the accounting office telephone number. And they always say there is a technical problem. People paid them in full how come they cant give back our money asap. Unless they use it in other way around.

  12. Thank you for sharing this! Nakakaloka ang experience 😦 Will share to others para duly warned. Ano ba naman ang ganitong klaseng serbisyo 😦 So sorry to hear you and your family had to go through all this inconvenience and incompetence. May araw din sila.

  13. Hi!! I’ve never experience such things like this so far but if I do, I’d probably do something worse. Bakit di niyo ipa-media yung SkyJet? Since matagal na pala yung issue and no one seems to be doing something about it. Di birong halaga yung amount na kailangan nila i-refund and to think that this is not an isolated case. Ang dami niyo rin pala na niloko ng SkyJet. I can only imagine what the Tulfo Brothers would say about this. Or perhaps another public service program from a different network.

  14. Oh my! I was just calling Skyjet for my refund worth 23k++ supposedly to Caticlan from Manila Dec 27-Jan 4 for me and my husband. Unfortunately, like most of everyone here, no one answers their phones and emails now. Just like almost everyone here, they sent a message that their Caticlan flights were cancelled because of an “aircraft integrity issue” (only through phone that they will say this) and were offering flights to Kalibo instead. I did not accept this thinking that Kalibo flights are worth so much less than that so I booked tickets with another airline. Of course I trusted them that they will refund my money since they had an email sent through their company address and I talked to real human being through their company phones. After that, I emailed and called several times to check on my refund but they cannot give me an enlighted answer (when they respond at all). I almost forgot about it because it has been almost a month since the vacation preparations/cancelled flights.

    Now I realize that this is a scam! I cannot believe the number of all the people who are waiting for their refunds!

    Is their office still in Parc Royale? I work in Ortigas too and if they dont answer my email until Monday, I would be probably dropping by everyday until I get my refund.


    • Hi Andy! The BCTA office and Joel Mendoza’s clinic are still in Parc Chateau, I think. But Skyjet is under new management. Their new office is in Unit 8 Aseana Tower 1 Bradco Avenue, Paranaque. Dino Chua is the new owner/president. Ted Fojas is the new COO. Bug them on FB and Twitter, esp. Dino Chua bec. he’s a political figure in Cavite. Para mahiya naman sila. They told me we’d get our refund next week. I’m still waiting to see if that’s true.

      • Thanks for the info, I will do that. Good luck on your sister’s wedding (hope itll still be fun given this skyjet fiasco) and on getting your refund!

      • Judy Tolentino Pazon says

        nabalik na ba nila ing balance mo? i also bugged them with follow-ups. finally, they gave me a date of release na. sa may 13 daw i dedeposit na sa accounts natin. sana nga…

  15. sorry to hear about your experience with skyjetair. i hope everything goes well with your sis’ wedding despite this situation.
    reading this article, i learned i was not the only one who has a terrible experience with them.
    my friend and i sold three RT travel vouchers to batanes to another friend bec. we could not use them anymore before their expiration. but lo and behold, when my buyer/friend called skyjet for booking, she was told that two of the vouchers have already been used. this came as a shock because none of us, the original owners of the vouchers have ever used them. my friend wrote, called, and texted skyjet for refund instead but to no avail. so i decided together with my friend to come to skyjet’s office unannounced and make our complaint and request for refund. we were told by joel mendoza and lito gimena that they would refund our vouchers together with the terminal fees paid by my friend in a month’s time. i’ve made follow-ups on this for the last 3 mos. and to this date they have not notified us when we could pick up our refund.

    • Hi Judy! File a complaint na with CAB or CAAP. Someone from CAAP left a comment here — Capt. Badiola. Maybe you can email him your experience as well. We’re making them pay for the discrepancy in PAL airfares + baggage cost na equivalent to what should have been our allowance had we taken Skyjet. Extra cost kasi sa PAL yun eh. They told me to email them our PAL tickets but for approval pa daw yung payment nun. They MUST pay.

  16. Matgaret Ongshu says

    Had the same frustrating experience last year. Made a surprise visit to their office in Ortigas which is next door to Joel Mendoza’s dental clinic. They gave all sorts of excuses that all concerned people are not in rhe office. So I told the people at the counter that I will not leave their office until somebody in management talk to me. I dont care even if i have to stay for days and suddenly Joel Mendoza appeared and that’s when he promised to pay us our refund. They also own the travel agency in Batanes and I guess even their local goverment and DOT should put some sanctions on this company or not give them permit to operate as they are really a disgrace to rhe tourism industry.

    • Hi Margie. You did well waiting there. With Skyjet, you really have to push hard, or else they won’t attend to you. Kaya nga I had to publicize our awful experience even if private matter sana ito. But I don’t the same thing kasi to happen to others so warning talaga — NEVER book SKyjet again.

  17. Capt Beda Badiola says

    Please send me a copy of this blog through above email. We at CAAP will certainly look into this and investigate Skyjet and inquire into their operations as well as into their compliance with the CPCN granted them by the CAB.

    • Yes sir, sending now. Thank you. I hope your office can do something about this. Sadly, so many passengers have gone through the same ordeal already. We can only prevent Skyjet from doing the same to more people.

    • Good day Capt. Badiola, I am Emilia Zozobrado, one of the many victims of Skyjet and I really want to file a complaint. How do I do it, please? Can I ask for your email address, too? Mine is, if you find the chance to get in touch with me. You may also find me on Facebook and PM me your email address. Thanks and more power!

  18. Queena Luzadio says

    Same case for us. We booked Skyjet flights to Boracay from Jan 1st to 4th to celebrate not only the New Year but my birthday as well. We were really looking forward to the celebration only to find out that all Caticlan flights were cancelled since Dec 21st and we were not even informed. We learned na when we were at Domestic terminal airport on the day and saw that no one is at the Skyjet counter. Actually it was both an issue with our booking agent and Skyjet as well since our travel agency did not inform us when they received the notice. Now we are part of the list who are trying to call 5543333 and Ian Baron for refund. Never again will we fly Skyjet.

    • Wow, that sucks! It’s a blessing na rin that someone from Batanes told us ahead of time so we could react. I can’t imagine if we found out on the day itself, like you did. Try to email Joel Mendoza directly ( then cc Dino Chua, their president ( The guy who is handling our refund is Leo Gimena, cell no. 09178547480. Maybe you can bug him about your refund, too. Be really assertive and threaten them with legal action. File ka na rin sa CAB. We filled up their online complaint form na. People shouldn’t have to be treated like this.

  19. brighyen says

    SkyJet has been known to cancel flights without notice. Better bring them to court including the agent. refunds will take forever. let them pay for inconvenience.

  20. Joan Atienza says

    Hi, I’m glad one of my friends shared your story. When I read it, it sounded so familiar to me. Just to share, here’s my story. I booked at Skyjet to fly second week of November 2014. Days before the flight I got a call that my flight was cancelled and that I could rebook starting November 17. So nagpaparebook ako ng November 21 to 24. However, I was told ALL flights in November were cancelled and THEY DO NOT know when even in December will the flights be available. So that leaves me with not much choice right? So nagpaparefund na lang ako to which they told me will take 30 to 60 days (huwaaaat???). So nagsuper cyan ako which meant I exhausted all of my wits to complain, follow through, complain, follow through (everything that I did is a whole big story and they must have been rattled enough for them to act) After 2 days, I got my refund (imagine from 60 days to 2 days). Now, supposedly cancelled lahat ng flights di ba, pero ang tanong ko bat live ang online booking? And I did mock bookings for the flights that were supposedly canceled and it all went through. So complain na naman ako dahil parang gago lang e. That is now the subject of my complaint against skyjet na nasa CAB ngayon. I later learned that Skyjet was suspended from October 25 to November 25 which meant that they were booking flights even if they were suspended. Kung October 25 pa lang suspended na sila they should have informed me immediately, but no, it took them 3 weeks. Scam ang skyjet! If I may give an advice, pursue your case sa CAB, they are in charge of this. The latest status of my complaint is I submitted documents showing Skyjet was booking flights even if they were suspended, l have email, FB exhanges, screenshots etc that I submitted. I will continue to follow through. I hope you will likewise get just results for the stress and inconvenience Skyjet has caused you.

    • Hi Joan. I didn’t know Skyjet was suspended Oct 25-Nov 25. We were booking tickets with them Aug-Sept — way before the Jan. 27 wedding coz we wanted to secure our seats and lock the price nga. Eh ayan, so much for security. But you’re right, you have to threaten them with legal action and bug them on all their social media accounts before they act. They got in touch with me two days ago to say that our refund will be ready by next week. But I will continue to bug them to pay for the difference in airfare of the tickets we had to book with PAL.

  21. So sad to hear about this. I’ll be having a Batanes wedding and is dead set on choosing PAL talaga from the start palang. Scared of Skyjet. I hope you get through this problem real soon. Will pray for you, your sister and her husband to be.

    • Hi Raina! I sincerely hope you have a better experience with PAL. I mean, generally, we’re ill-served by local carriers in the Philippines, but at least PAL has two flights daily to Basco. Still, good on you for choosing Batanes as your wedding destination — it’s a lovely, lovely place. Worth the trouble (or most of it, at least).

  22. Mikey Bustos says

    This is just dismal! I resonate completely with this blog because I too was told my flight had been canceled 3 hours after (due to the 3 hr delay) I was supposed to fly to Boracay for New Years Eve, where I had set plans to be with friends and had to completely fix hotel arrangements and it was just a total mess. I also wrote Skyjet Crisis Manager Ian a strongly worded letter to which he responded with “Let me escalate this to crisis management team and get back to you” a week later despite me trying to get a hold of him by phone and email.

    I am extremely displeased with SkyJet and what they are all about. They hold zero accountability which is just preposterous and embarassing for the country airline reputation. A couple from Europe was told by their poorly trained staff that the couple had to stay at a nearby hotel for flight out in the morning and that Skyjet would not pay for it. How emabrassing! How are tourists supposed to enjoy their Philippine experience when they are taught to expect these kinds of travel disasters?

    To the author and to-be-weds of this post, my sincere sympathy goes out to you guys and hope you manage to salvage. Skyjet needs to be accountable.


    • Turns out Skyjet has been ruining a lot of people’s plans. When I talked to Joel Mendoza (to do that PR audit), he kept saying that Skyjet is all about helping people experience the culture here, etc. I bought into that. That was a grand idea. And yet here we all are, with no flights to those beautiful places. You really can’t let someone with nothing but good intentions run a business. Skyjet has no sense of responsibility, and its employees have no training to handle customer concerns.

  23. JPFenix says

    The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) would be the right place to complain, aside from taking them to court.

    But maybe you should also file a complaint vs your travel agent. As an agent they should have informed you as soon as they received the memo from the airline, plus they should have assisted you in this whole fiasco. The DTI and DOT should do.

    • Go directly to the CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) NOT CAAP. Their office is near the checkpoint at the NAIA Terminal 2 (fronting the old Nayong Pilipino).

    • Hi! We don’t have a travel agent. We booked directly with a Skyjet AE (who we just learned has resigned) coz we had a lot of passengers and we were aiming for a group rate. I just called BCTA coz I know Joel Mendoza owns that and that’s where he holds office. True enough, they were the first to confirm that flights to Basco have been cancelled. They also gave me the numbers to call.

  24. Does your family have any plans of taking this to court? I know this decision would mean a lot of further inconvenience but businesses such as Skyjet really need to learn a touch lesson. It is infuriating how these businesses do not know how to treat their customer with the even a small amount of decency. It’s almost like you want to throw them in jail just to teach them a well-deserved lesson.

  25. I’m sorry to hear about this horrible experience. I heard that at the time of our Balesin flight, there was only 1 plane for the entire Skyjet fleet. And when it got damaged, all flights were cancelled until the acquired a new one, which now I think is also in trouble, thus, the cancellation of flights.

    I’m sorry that your sister’s wedding has been marred by frustrations brought about by the airline. I hope CAAP steps up soon and revokes the license of this ill-fated company.

    A traumatized Skyjet passenger

    • During my interview with Joel Mendoza, he said they now have three aircraft. But they have more than three destinations and a LOT of chartered flights. So either there’s something wrong with all three jets or they dropped Batanes to cater to their charter clients. Either way, they suck.

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