I’m Blanche. My name is French for “white” though I’m neither French nor white. I write, travel, ask questions, take pictures, edit other people’s grammar in my head and eat rice like a sumo wrestler. At different points in my life, I was a newspaper reporter in the Philippines and Hong Kong, a travel magazine editor, and a senior editor in a Manila-based company that provides editorial services to North American publications.

Today, I work at my own time for projects I choose and with people I like, most of them in publishing. Sometimes it’s scary and unsteady, but hey, isn’t all of life? I enjoy doing projects related to climate change, travel and tourism, heritage conservation, social enterprise, and generally, whatever gives hope.

Etreblanche is my story warehouse, a repository of my sample works and semi-relevant ramblings on the state of my place in the world (the completely irrelevant thoughts are somewhere else). This is far from complete because, well, I’m old enough to have stories archived in real, heavy, hardbound folders.

I’m not a selfish writer. If you find something here that you think might make people smile, go ahead and share it with your readers. I just ask that 1) it is not used for commercial purposes; 2) you give due credit to the author/photographer (unless otherwise stated, all articles and photos are by me); and 3) place a link back to this blog.

P.S. If you have a great story you’d like me to pursue, shoot me an email at ecritblanche@gmail.com and we’ll talk. We might even become friends.



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